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Property Maintenance and SIG

Whether you’re a renter or an owner, one thing is for sure: things break. The question everyone needs to ask is, “How does my management company address maintenance if it is needed?”

Preventative Maintenance

Being pro-active before a problem even arises saves everyone time, money, and stress. For tenants, you can prevent the need for maintenance in a number of areas, such as making sure you aren’t putting the wrong things down your sink/garbage disposal or keeping certain surfaces, such as tubs and sinks, clean on a regular basis. For owners, thinking about roofs during the Summer or AC units during the Spring would be advisable. On SIG’s part, we perform regular 6 month inspections to look for safety issues as well as to check the condition of the plumbing and general fixtures in all of our properties. Be sure to speak to your supervisor if you have a concern about any of these items.

Active Maintenance

As much as we look ahead, things still happen. Very soon, SIG will have its maintenance department in full swing. The consistency that this will provide will be a benefit to renters, and the in-house structure can also benefit owners. Even when there is a job that will be handled by another vendor, SIG makes sure that our vendors are highly qualified and we’ve had relationships with many of them for years. Tenants, if you have an issue, you want to report it as soon as possible. Using the Tenant Portal is the best way to do this, as it alerts multiple parties to your issue and it creates a “paper trail” that persists until the issue is resolved. As always, if there is an emergency, the SIG main line will provide instructions for receiving after-hours assistance.

Important Questions

The article below is geared toward potential owners looking for management, however it includes things to think about if you’re a current or future renter as well. You always want to be sure that a management company has these in place to ensure your experience in your home as a renter or at your investment property is the best that it can be. Any more questions? Give us a call! Meanwhile, more information on our Maintenance Department is coming soon!

Property Maintenance and Repairs

Posted by: SIG Property Management on February 8, 2017
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