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Tenant Tips: Be Kind To Your Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher in your home, you know what a time-saver it can be. But, a handy appliance can turn into a headache pretty quickly if it’s mistreated. Keep your dishwasher in good condition by following these simple tips!

  1. DO run your machine on a regular basis (minimum once per week, if possible). This allows the moving components to remain moving freely, keeps rubber parts from drying and cracking, and flushes the remaining water that grows stagnant with time.
  2. DO NOT over-rinse your dishes. Rinse with water to remove visible materials, but leaving some film and residue is actually a good thing. Dishwasher soap is designed to have a chemical reaction to food compounds. This helps the soap to completely dissolve.
  3. DO run the hot water at your kitchen sink until it reaches the hottest temperature. This helps insure that the initial burst of water into your machine will not be cold water.
  4. DO NOT overload your machine. There must be room for water to circulate around all sides of the dishes. Any item laid against another item will not have the benefit of proper washing and rinsing. Large items such as mixing bowls and sauce pans are not suggested to be face-down on the bottom rack – they block water flow from the lower wash arm upward.
  5. DO clear your garbage disposal out before starting your dishwasher. This gives the draining water from the machine a clear route to your drain system.

Trouble with your dishwasher? Don’t wait to report it. Be sure to call your supervisor or place a work order through the Tenant Portal.

Posted by: SIG Property Management on February 27, 2017
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