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Celebrate MLK Day!

While we’re open on this day that celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr., we at SIG are definitely taking time to remember how his life, words, and actions have influenced the world we live in today. (more…)

SIG-in’ in the Rain!

Rain! Yes, we need it and yes, it can be fun. But, it can also dampen our spirits… and more! The most important thing when it rains in Southern California is safety. Let’s go over a few of the common issues we deal with on a day like today…

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

SIG is getting into the spirit of the season by celebrating National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Here is some of the team in their seasonal best. Hope you enjoy this crazy day!


Our President at PFAR

The Pasadena-Foothills Association of Realtors is an organization that provides its members with the resources and education they need to conduct their businesses not only successfully, but ethically and competently. We’re proud that our company president, Mike Shaar, is able to serve as a part of that organization. He recently served at Awards and Recognition Chair at the Awards and Recognition Lunch in Pasadena. Here he is with the rest of the Committee Chairs.


Participating in organizations like this is just one of the many ways we get involved with the community. It’s also one of the ways we stay up to date with current real estate, management, and ethical practices. We’re proud of our boss!


Welcome to the Official SIG Blog!

That’s right, we’re blogging!

Whether you are an owner, a resident, or someone interested in our area, SIG is here to help. Stop by this blog from time to time and get great info about apartment living, home living, owner and resident resources, and to learn about our community and team. Like video blogs? We’ll be starting those as well!

Meanwhile, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more pics and info.

Looking forward to giving some great content.

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